What makes Fractal Owl unique?

Some consultants focus strictly on measuring customer satisfaction at different touchpoints, identifying areas to cut costs and improve efficiencies, or helping to implement automated systems so you can scale faster. All of these activities have value in and of themselves. My sweet spot is in looking at your entire operation to identify and help you solve root cause issues that are holding you back from growth. The goal of Fractal Owl is to partner with you to build smart processes, more user-friendly products, and a best-in-class culture that naturally retains customers....because you want to know what your customers are saying AND be able to respond to it effectively.

Why work with me?

I started my career in automotive electronics learning Lean Manufacturing from pioneers in the field.  I led significant continuous improvement initiatives before taking on a role designing multi-million dollar lean manufacturing systems for new product launches.  I went on to a Global Lean Leader role in consumer electronics and then joined the leadership team as the Lean and Production Manager for a new pilot plant startup of a major consumer goods company built on the concept of self-directed work teams.  Building the operation from the ground up fueled my passion for workplaces that respect and engage all employees. 

Eventually, I transitioned out of manufacturing and focused on business process transformation first as a Director of Process Excellence within Office Depot and then at a late stage educational technology startup.  Ultimately, my passion for the customer and ability to bridge the gap between business stakeholders and development teams led to a promotion to Vice President of Product, responsible for Customer Experience, Process Excellence, Product Management, and Project Management. That role validated my strong belief that all these functions are interdependent and aligning their work is incredibly powerful in terms of customer retention and organizational effectiveness.

I have a passion for great leadership, smart processes and products, and workplaces that care about both their customers and employees. My goal is to help companies who share those values succeed.

Customer Experience

Do you have a clear understanding of what your customers are experiencing throughout their entire journey? If not, I'll dig into your data to determine the biggest areas of opportunity - whether those are related to processes, product, or policies. If you're flying blind, I'll focus on determining the best way to start gathering the insights you need on an ongoing basis to retain customers.

Process Design & Improvement

Are your customer-facing processes supporting your customer retention efforts or driving churn? Your customer experience is about much more than just your product - it's the experience of onboarding, billing, customer service, and proactive engagement activities. My goal is to help you implement simple, repeatable processes that ensure every customer gets a consistent experience that drives loyalty.

Product Management

Do you know what features matter most to your customers and do you have a clear roadmap? Product management is a constant balance between adding new features, improving existing features, addressing bugs, and shoring up stability. I can help you design a robust way to prioritize effectively, create strategic roadmaps, and effectively capture requirements.

Organizational Effectiveness

Are you able to effectively leverage your resources to respond quickly to customer and business needs? I can help make sure you have the right people in the right seats and the processes in place to effectively manage projects in an agile manner. Most importantly, I can help you get your entire organization focused on the items that matter.

How we work together.

1 The first step is getting to know you and your business. That means seeing your product from a customer's perspective, mapping the journey, understanding what customer feedback you already have and what you need help getting. It also means understanding how your team works together and what unique challenges you face.

2 The second step is digging into root cause issues and putting together a proposal of recommended actions that works for you. By combining process expertise with customer feedback and the talents in your organization, I can help you identify improvements that work with your company culture and available resources.

3 The third step is implementation that is specifically tailored to your needs. Whether it's project coaching, project management, or hands on implementation of a proposed solution, my goal is to get you the results you need as quickly as possible and with the most strategic use of your resources.